Avoiding Internet Fraud and Identity Theft

Internet fraud is about as common as TV commercials these days. In 2017 the FBI reported victims of personal data breaches via internet fraud lost just over $77 million. The goal of internet fraud is to steal valuable consumer information that can be used to gain access to financial data or steal a person’s identity. There are numerous tactics that cybercriminal will attempt to use. However, consumers can use the most powerful weapon at their disposal: Knowledge. The more you know the more you can protect yourself from outside threats.

Banking PIN

Banks will never ask for your personal identification number (PIN) over the phone, through email, or on a website. This PIN should be kept private and not shared with anyone under any circumstances.

Bank Statements

For many who use online banking or digital wallets, reviewing bank statements may not be part of their regular routine. However, it should be. Bank statements are one of the best ways to review details of recent banking transactions, where money was spent, how much, and when. Add “check my bank statements” to your daily or weekly routine.

Don’t Just Click

Pay attention to the links you are clicking as you navigate from site to site. Some links may take you to an unsecured page that is attempting to collect personal or financial data. Before clicking links, hover over the link and look to one of the bottom corners of your browser to verify the location before clicking. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the link at the end of this website address to have Google confirm whether the site has hosted malware in the last 90-days.

Google Diagnostic: http://google.com/safebrowsing/diagnostic?site= PASTE LINK HERE

Know Your Buyers and Sellers

It is always recommended that you know who you are buying and selling from when it comes to online exchanges. From services to merchandise, it is important to do your research to best understand with whom you are doing business.

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