Tips for Healthcare Professionals: Keeping Patient Information Secure

Healthcare providers, regardless of their specialty, are entrusted to handle a person’s most personal and private information with the utmost care. Healthcare professionals play a large role in ensuring this sensitive information is kept private. This in addition to the tools, applications, and industry practices is where the emphasis is placed in terms of safeguarding patients’ identifying information.

Our top three tips for keeping patient identity data safe and secure include:

Introduce or Support Patient Technology

Many healthcare providers have already adapted their practice to include technology. This would include patient access portals, electronic medical records (EMR), and telemedicine. “Currently, 76% of hospitals connect with patients and consulting practitioners at a distance through the use of video and other technology.

Reduce Duplicate Medical Records

Duplicate medical records include incomplete or incorrect medical information that can cause providers to deliver ineffective or inaccurate medical treatment. In most hospitals, five to 10 percent of all stored medical records are duplicates. This number doubles in health systems that have recently merged. If a patient is a victim of identity theft, there may be more than one medical record for that patient. Verify the patient’s identity and strive to accurately enter information or search for the patient prior to creating a new record.

Implement a Unique Health Safety Identifier (UHSI)

Preserving patient data, including financial information, through UHSI is one of the best ways to manage insurance and payment information. UHSI helps to streamline patient intake and reduce the number of duplicate records and patient identity issues. Failure to identify the identity of a patient can be costly and potentially dangerous for the patient.

As the technology landscape continues to evolve the way healthcare providers interact with patients in regard to preventive and managed care must also change. This includes a fresh look at patient data and information security. Employer-sponsored solutions from Core ID means that your business, including medical practices, has a partner in handling the safety and security of managing personally identifying medical information. Contact Core ID to start protecting your practice and patients!

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