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Worried about the growing threat of identity fraud? During 2018, the Consumer Sentinel Network took in nearly 3 million reports, an increase from 2017. Of those reports, 1.4 million instances of fraud (48%), 444,602 instances of identity theft (15%) and 1.1 million other (38%) instances were recorded. Imposter scams were the top report category in 2018 (18% of all reports), followed by debt collection reports (16%) and identity theft (15%). Victims who try to clear their name on their own are estimated to spend more than 40 hours and $1,500, and are treated as guilty until they can prove themselves innocent. While no service can prevent identity theft from happening to you, a plan from Core ID Services can make sure you don’t face it alone.


With fully-managed identity theft recovery services our plans can help you assess your current risk of identity theft, detect when it has occurred, and handle all aspects of your recovery. A variety of plans and levels of protection are available.  Contact Us and we can assist you on which one is right for you or call us at 1-855-262-7612.

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